Tuesday, January 17, 2017


     What's on your mind? This what is on my mind. I have so many things on my mind that you don't even know. Here one thing on my mind, my friends are on my mind. I don't know why though but they are just are. I had so many friends in the beginning and thought they always will be there for me. But really their not. I lost so many friends and made more. The people that are still with me from the beginning thank you so much. The people that are not...what happened between us. We just moved on and never talk to each other anymore. It's just crazy to me. We all are going to grow up and don't even think of your friends you had in pre-k, or first to second grade, or third to all the way to high school. High school...hahaha is when you lose your friends. They get new friends, or became popular. Then they forget all the great times you and them had together. Yeah you say hi in the halls, but that's mostly it. I think that it's sad... That what's on my mind.
Never lose your friends that's always been there for you scents day one because, one day you will sit back and laugh, cry, smile and wonder what happened.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

World Peace

                         World Peace
                   What's wrong with this world. Why can't we just be all friends and have happiness.
           We are destroying  this world the earth and we need to stop. Someday the earth won't take it anymore and it will blow up into little pieces. We will be all dead and there won't be no human on earth. I hate when I hear that there is bombings and shootings in areas. What the heck is wrong with you people you are killing families and children that want to grow up and maybe have a family of their own. Yeah I know some people can't help because they have special needs. But they can get help and try to control it. But any way I just hate that my world is going into a hole of lie and disrespect. I wish this  world would go and throw all the bad people out. I know it's dumb because the earth can't do that. But I'm just saying. When I grow up I want to live some where that is safe and I don't have to worry about if someone going to break in my house or kill me in my sleep. In my mind I want this world to be they happiness place that I can go outside and travel the world. I don't have to worry about people killing me and kidnapping me somewhere. So I can't  see my family anymore. I want to go somewhere that is peaceful and don't have to be different. I can just be me and make new friends. But that's not never going to happened because people are never going stop getting revenge from people. I wish this world can make a change and be happy. I want everybody to laugh and love each other who they are. Like for example, Chinese can be with black people or black people can be with Mexicans and people won't judge who we date or marry. It's not their choice who we marry or date it's not their business.